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Summit Press Kit

Welcome to the official Press Kit for the Quantum Innovation Summit. As a global nexus for quantum technology discussion and innovation, this summit offers an in-depth look at the transformative impacts of quantum technologies across various industries. Hosted annually in Dubai by the Vernewell Group, the summit draws thought leaders, innovators, policymakers, and academicians from around the world to advance the quantum technology landscape.

Summit Overview

The Quantum Innovation Summit, hosted by Vernewell Group in Dubai, UAE, has swiftly become a cornerstone event for the global quantum technology landscape. Initiated in February 2024, this annual summit is a hub where worldwide leaders, innovators, policymakers, investors, and academics converge to advance the quantum sector. The summit’s goal is to illuminate cutting-edge quantum developments, facilitate pivotal discussions, and forge strategic alliances that drive technological progress and sector-wide innovation. It serves as a crucial platform for showcasing new applications, exchanging ideas, and shaping the strategic direction of quantum technology adoption and integration globally.

Quantum Innovation Summit 2024

Launched in Dubai in February 2024, the summit quickly established itself as a pivotal event in the global quantum technology calendar. The inaugural Quantum Innovation Summit in 2024 set a precedent as a major convergence of academic excellence and industry innovation, proudly held in partnership with Abu Dhabi University. The event was significantly supported by the Technology Innovation Institute (TII), a pivotal arm of Abu Dhabi’s Advanced Technology Research Council, focusing on quantum information science and AI, as an elite sponsor.

With a robust agenda, the Summit was a catalyst for meaningful discussions, innovative workshops, and extensive networking opportunities. It showcased the practical applications of quantum technology across various industries, including healthcare, finance, and space, and highlighted the integration of quantum computing and AI. Key discussions at the Summit addressed the scaling of quantum hardware, the development of quantum-resilient infrastructure, and the strategic implications of quantum technology in real-world applications. The event also featured the FEMTUM LEAP Awards Gala Dinner, celebrating the significant achievements of women in the quantum technology field. This collaborative and insightful environment underscored the Summit’s dedication to driving forward the quantum technology agenda and fostering a global quantum-ready community.

Quantum Innovation Summit 2025

Building upon the successful foundation set by its inaugural event, the Quantum Innovation Summit returns in 2025 to continue fostering groundbreaking advancements in quantum technologies. Scheduled for February 25-27 at The H Hotel in Dubai and accessible globally via our online platform, this edition promises to expand the quantum dialogue even further.

Annual Theme for 2025: “Quantum Frontiers: Innovating for a Secure Future” The 2025 summit will explore how quantum technologies can play a pivotal role in addressing some of the world’s most pressing challenges, from enhancing global security to promoting sustainable development. This theme reflects a deep commitment to pushing the boundaries of quantum technology and its applications, ensuring a safer, more resilient future.

For detailed insights and special events planned for the Quantum Innovation Summit 2025, please refer to our official press release.

Join us as we continue to shape the future of technology through quantum innovations. Your participation and engagement at the Quantum Innovation Summit 2025 will contribute to a worldwide effort to harness the potential of quantum technologies for a better tomorrow.

About Vernewell Group

Vernewell Group Inc. oversees a portfolio of subsidiaries in key sectors such as space and deep tech, with an emphasis on quantum technology, cryptography, and artificial intelligence. Our corporate strategy centers on robust risk management and proactive growth initiatives. At Vernewell Group Inc., we focus on creating a diversified and synergistic ecosystem of companies and partnerships in the Middle East and North Africa. We aim to drive the success of our subsidiaries, ensuring they lead in their respective fields while contributing to the broader advancement of technology and education in the region. Our mission is to be a pivotal force in shaping the future of these high-tech industries, fostering innovation, and setting new standards of excellence with a human-centric approach.

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Founder’s Bio

Malak Trabelsi Loeb is a Dubai-based visionary entrepreneur and one of the foremost legal experts in the transformative fields of emerging technologies, space, and national security. With a remarkable 17 years of international business experience and 12 years of legal expertise, she has established herself as a pioneering figure in these cutting-edge domains.  Under her leadership, Vernewell Group has emerged as a beacon of innovation, especially noted for its influence in space and deep tech industries,. Mrs. Loeb’s establishment of the Quantum Innovation Summit and the QInnovision Consortium has been pivotal in advancing quantum technological integration and innovation across diverse industries, demonstrating her key role in cultivating the quantum technology ecosystem in the Middle East, and globally. She oversees Trabelsi Loeb Legal Consultancies, providing specialized legal advice in space and technology law. She is also the driving force behind Vernewell Academy, pioneering quantum education initiatives across the MENA region.

Photo: Malak Trabelsi Loeb receives the Innovation Leadership Award at the 2024 Women In Aviation Middle East Conference spearhead by Mervat Sultan, President  
of Women in Aviation, Middle East Chapter.

Recently honored at the 2024 Women In Aviation Middle East Conference, Malak Trabelsi Loeb received the prestigious Innovation Leadership Award, a testament to her pioneering role in steering the quantum revolution in the Middle East since 2020. This accolade celebrates her profound impact on the region’s technological landscape, highlighting her dedication to advancing quantum innovation and leadership among women in the field.

Malak’s leadership continues to inspire a new generation of technological frontiers, ensuring Vernewell Group’s pivotal role in the global narrative of quantum advancements.

A valedictorian alumna from Sorbonne University Abu Dhabi, Malak holds master’s degrees in Public International Law and European Law, and International Business Law. Her scholarly and professional milestones mark her as a leading authority committed to fusing legal integrity with technological innovation.

An esteemed speaker and advisor, Malak has delivered her insights at prestigious platforms worldwide, collaborating with entities such as NATO and the Royal Aeronautical Society. Her engagements span notable events including World Summit AI 2020, Inside Quantum Technology 2021, Abu Dhabi Air Expo 2022, Emerge 2023, Women in Aviation Middle East General Assembly in Riyadh, KSA 2023, The Space Summer School 2023, the International Space Convention in Bursa, Turkey 2023, iFX EXPO Dubai 2024, Airport Show, Dubai 2024, among others.

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