Quantum AI Global Announced as Elite Sponsor for the Quantum Innovation Summit2024

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Dubai, UAE – The Quantum Innovation Summit 2024, a landmark event in the quantum technology calendar, is proud to announce Quantum AI Global as its Elite Sponsor. The Summit, which will convene the world’s leading minds in quantum science and AI on February 28-29, 2024, at The H Hotel, Dubai, is set to be an epicenter of innovation and future technology.

Quantum AI Global, led by Sanjay Chittore, Managing Partner and Chief Executive Officer, is at the helm of transformative quantum technology. Mr. Chittore, also the Chief Executive Officer of Qulabs, brings over a decade of expertise in AI, machine learning, and quantum fields to the table, driving the company’s efforts to develop and deploy cutting-edge Quantum & AI products and solutions. With a specialized focus on sectors such as healthcare, finance, government, and defense, Quantum AI Global is committed to leveraging Quantum and AI to assist organizations in achieving their objectives, enhancing efficiencies, and spearheading innovation.

Under Mr. Chittore’s leadership, Quantum AI Global has been cited in the World Economic Forum’s “Quantum Economy Blueprint – January 2024,” recognized for its state-of-the-art quantum solutions focusing on photonics for cybersecurity and comprehensive quantum machine learning applications. This recognition underscores the company’s pivotal role in advancing these critical technology sectors.

The Quantum Innovation Summit 2024 is thrilled to present the Elite Sponsor, Quantum AI Global, an organization that not only exemplifies innovation but also actively contributes to the development of the quantum industry. Quantum AI Global’s innovative products and solutions within the quantum technology space aligns perfectly with the Summit’s mission to highlight and propel quantum advancements on a global scale.

The Summit, organized by the Vernewell Group, looks forward to showcasing the advancements and potential of quantum technologies to a global audience, with Quantum AI Global’s elite sponsorship enhancing the experience for all attendees.

For more information on the Quantum Innovation Summit, to reserve your experience, or to learn about partnership opportunities, please visit [https://quantuminnovationsummit.com]

About Quantum AI Global:

Quantum AI Global is unique in its approach to quantum technologies and artificial intelligence. Our Quantum Labs set up at Qulabs provides quantum based infrastructure for our experimental work. Our organization is at the forefront of the quantum computing revolution in hardware and software development, combining the power of quantum technology with Artificial Intelligence to solve complex problems that were previously unsolvable. We aim to highlight our advancements in this convergence of Quantum and AI.

Our vision and mission statement is to provide state-of-the-art quantum communication and computing-based solutions by creating a completely secure internet and communication system with immense speed and security. To make Quantum and AI work together.

Our dedication to pushing the boundaries of quantum technology aligns seamlessly with the global quest for socio-economic progress and recognition, a vision we have been instrumental in shaping. We believe our efforts align in making our contributions a driving force behind the transformative initiatives set in motion.

Our early efforts in Research have translated into products. Our pioneering research outcomes in Quantum Communication, Computing, and Sensing, delineating how each domain’s products cater to specific technological needs and advancements of the technology..

Quantum AI Global’s comprehensive portfolio of products forms the foundation for the development of the Quantum Communication Network. Our research and development are pivotal in advancing this area, with India’s first EPS Based Quantum Memory technology playing a crucial role in securely storing and retrieving quantum information—an indispensable pillar for critical quantum applications.

The Quantum Communication Channels act as enablers for impregnable quantum dialogues, fostering multi-node quantum networks, and facilitating Quantum Key Distribution. Our innovative products, including Quantum Repeater technology, seamlessly integrate into the network, enhancing its capabilities and extending its reach.

Within this holistic framework, our flagship software solutions QSleeve and ChecQ emerge as Pre-Quantum era offerings. QSleeve, our quantum-resistant encryption wrapper, acts as a bridge to the future. It deploys Post-Quantum Cryptography algorithms, recognized as quantum-resistant, fortifying data communication between the pre-quantum and quantum worlds. This ensures the ultimate safeguard for data integrity, allowing data to remain impervious to threats even as quantum computing advances (Store now, decrypt later).

QSleeve, an analysis tool, serves as a sentinel for quantum security. It delves deep into the codes of the pre-quantum era, identifying vulnerabilities and sealing cracks that could jeopardize our digital realm from the Y2Q global threat.

One of the key factors that set our quantum startup apart in the competitive landscape is our commitment to interdisciplinary collaboration. To build a Quantum communication Network, inherently requires a deep understanding of quantum physics, information theory, and materials science. Recognizing this, we deliberately assembled a diverse team with expertise spanning these disciplines. As part of our strategic initiative we are working alongside ISRO and DRDO which are India’s leading R&D labs and product innovation centers.

At Quantum AI Global, our mission aligns seamlessly with several pivotal initiatives set forth by the Indian government as part of the National Quantum Mission aimed at advancing quantum technology and fostering indigenous innovation.

Our unwavering commitment to innovation, education, and technological advancement positions us as stalwart contenders for various government grants and funding opportunities. We stand ready to harness these opportunities to further fortify the Quantum technological landscape, particularly in defence, telecommunications, Space and pioneering research domains.

We don’t just want a bigger piece of the pie, we want to bake a bigger pie for everyone. That’s where our motto plays right, ‘to collaborate and not compete’. Given the nature of deep tech, especially the confluence of Quantum and AI, our company is a living, breathing entity that’s always in flux, scaling not just in size but in impact and influence.

We are excited to work closely with the stakeholders across the diaspora to ensure that our organization can act as a catalyst for advancing quantum technologies thereby evolving as an industry leader on the global stage.

End of Release Contact Information:

Quantum Innovation Summit Coordination Team Email: info@qisdxb.com

Event Details: www.quantuminnovationsummit.com

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