Quantum Brilliance Elevates the Quantum Innovation Summit 2024 as a Sponsor, Showcasing Groundbreaking Quantum Technology

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Dubai – The Quantum Innovation Summit 2024, set to be a landmark event in the quantum technology arena, is proud to announce Quantum Brilliance as a sponsor for the Femtum Leap Awards. This sponsorship is a testament to Quantum Brilliance’s commitment to leading by example in supporting women’s advancements in technology fields.

Quantum Brilliance, a leader in the quantum technology industry, is setting a new standard with its diamond-based quantum technology. Founded in Australia in 2019, the company has made significant strides globally, establishing operations in Germany, Singapore, and the UK. Their innovative focus is on diamond quantum materials and the development of diamond quantum accelerators capable of operating at room temperature – a remarkable revolutionary approach in the field.

Quantum Brilliance’s technology represents a paradigm shift in quantum computing. Traditional quantum computers require extremely low temperatures and complex infrastructure, including cryogenics and vacuum systems. By contrast, Quantum Brilliance’s accelerators leverage the unique properties of synthetic diamonds, eliminating the need for such elaborate setups. This breakthrough leads to a reduction in energy consumption and enables their deployment in a wide range of environments, from on-site data centers to edge devices. Their goal is to miniaturize its technology to the scale of semiconductor chips, thereby embedding quantum computing power into common devices and expanding its practical applications across various industries.

The Quantum Innovation Summit, organized by Vernewell Group – Vernewell Management Consultancies and Vernewell Academy – in partnership with Abu Dhabi University, offers a platform for showcasing such groundbreaking innovations. The Quantum Innovation Summit aims to catalyze innovation and collaboration within the quantum technology sector, bringing together experts and leaders from diverse fields. The Femtum Leap Awards align with the founder’s – Mrs. Malak Trabelsi Loeb – grand vision to empower women in quantum technologies by celebrating the outstanding contributions of women in quantum technology and highlighting inspirational role models in the field. 

The “Femtum Leap” Awards are more than just accolades; they are a testament to the ingenuity and resilience of women in quantum science. From Quantum Innovation to Leadership and Rising Stars, each category aims to acknowledge the diverse ways women are contributing to and shaping the future of quantum technology.

We invite you to experience this pivotal event at The H Hotel in Dubai, where they can witness the convergence of innovative thinking, technological advancement, and the celebration of achievements in quantum technology.

About Quantum Brilliance: Quantum Brilliance (QB) is focused on advancing diamond-based quantum technology, specialising in diamond quantum materials, and pioneering the development of diamond quantum accelerators that operate at room temperature. These accelerators are complemented by a range of software and application tools. Founded in Australia in 2019, QB has expanded globally with operations in Germany, Singapore, and the UK with a goal to facilitate widespread adoption of quantum accelerators.

Quantum Brilliance’s unique approach involves using synthetic diamonds in its quantum accelerators, enabling their operation at room temperature across various settings. Unlike traditional quantum hardware, QB’s accelerators do not require cryogenics, vacuum systems, or complex laser arrays, leading to substantially lower energy consumption. This also allows for their deployment in diverse locations, including on-site data centres and in edge devices. Quantum Brilliance aims to miniaturise its technology to the scale of semiconductor chips, a move that would integrate quantum computing capabilities into everyday devices, expanding the practical applications of quantum computing.

For more information: [www.quantumbrilliance.com]

About Vernewell Academy: Vernewell Academy is a premier provider of educational resources, training, research, and development, offering a unique blend of space, science, and technology, entrepreneurship workshops, online courses, and customized training programs. Focused on emerging technologies, Vernewell Academy is committed to unlocking human potential and creating a paradigm shift through education.

For more information: [www.vernewellacademy.com]

About Vernewell Management Consultancies: Vernewell Management Consultancies is a leading deep-tech management and innovation consultancy firm. With a strong focus on disruptive technologies, such as quantum computing, Vernewell Management Consultancies is dedicated to driving technological development, accelerating scientific discoveries, and fostering economic growth. Through pioneering initiatives, Vernewell Management Consultancies continues to guide organizations and individuals in embracing emerging technologies and harnessing their potential for success in today’s dynamic business landscape.

For more information: [www.vernewell.com]

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