Quantum Innovation Summit in Dubai: A Pioneering Event Powered by Vernewell Group with TII as Elite Sponsor

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Dubai – The upcoming Quantum Innovation Summit, scheduled for Feb 28-29, 2024, at The H Hotel in Dubai, is set to be a groundbreaking event in the field of quantum technology. Organized by Vernewell Group, Vernewell Management Consultancies, and Vernewell Academy, the team is proud to announce the Technology Innovation Institute (TII) as its Elite Sponsor.

The first-of-its-kind Quantum Innovation Summit 2024, in partnership with Abu Dhabi University, aims to catalyze innovation and collaboration in the quantum technology sector.

Objective of the Summit: This landmark event will unite academics, researchers, global business leaders, policymakers, and industry pioneers. The agenda is packed with insightful talks, interactive workshops, panel discussions, an exhibition showcasing the latest in quantum technology, networking opportunities, and a Gala Dinner featuring the prestigious FEMTUM LEAP Awards, celebrating the contributions of women in quantum technology.

About Technology Innovation Institute (TII): A pivotal arm of Abu Dhabi’s Advanced Technology Research Council, TII is pushing the boundaries of knowledge. At the helm of cutting-edge advancements in quantum information science, and AI, TII’s research and development is playing a key role in the transformation of Abu Dhabi’s economy.

Dr. Ray O. Johnson, Leading TII’s Charge: The Summit is honored to host Dr. Ray O. Johnson, CEO of TII, as a VIP speaker. Dr. Johnson’s extensive background in global technology leadership and strategic investments has been instrumental in driving TII’s success and positioning it as a global leader in research and innovation.

Quantum Innovation Summit – Where Future Meets Innovation: Under the aegis of Vernewell Management Consultancies and Vernewell Academy, in partnership with Abu Dhabi University, the Summit aims to be a melting pot of innovative ideas, global leaders, and cutting-edge technologies. It represents a unique convergence of thought leadership and technological advancement in the heart of Dubai.

Join the Technological Renaissance: The Quantum Innovation Summit invites thought leaders, innovators, and tech enthusiasts to engage with the transformative potential of quantum technology and to witness the shaping of the future.

Join us at the Quantum Innovation Summit in Dubai, a landmark initiative of Vernewell Group, championed by the Technology Innovation Institute, and brought to life by Vernewell Group. Witness the fusion of global innovation and visionary thinking in the heart of Dubai.

About Vernewell Academy: Vernewell Academy is a premier provider of educational resources, training, research, and development, offering a unique blend of space, science, and technology, entrepreneurship workshops, online courses, and customized training programs. Focused on emerging technologies, Vernewell Academy is committed to unlocking human potential and creating a paradigm shift through education.

For more information: www.vernewellacademy.com

About Vernewell Management Consultancies: Vernewell Management Consultancies is a leading deep-tech management and innovation consultancy firm. With a strong focus on disruptive technologies, such as quantum computing, Vernewell Management Consultancies is dedicated to driving technological development, accelerating scientific discoveries, and fostering economic growth. Through pioneering initiatives, Vernewell Management Consultancies continues to guide organizations and individuals in embracing emerging technologies and harnessing their potential for success in today’s dynamic business landscape.

For more information: www.vernewell.com

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