Quantum Algorithm Development for Disease Prediction


Mrs. Temitope Adeniyi

Category: Quantum Algorithms

Facilitator: Mrs. Temitope Adeniyi

Duration: 90 min

Session date: 28-02-2024 

Session time: 3:00 PM

Language: English 

Pre-requisite Knowledge: Attendees should have a foundational understanding of quantum computing principles, data preprocessing techniques, machine learning concepts (such as supervised learning), and familiarity with programming languages used in quantum computing (e.g., Qiskit, Cirq) and data science (e.g., Python).

Audience: This workshop is tailored for professionals and researchers in the fields of quantum computing, data science, healthcare technology, and algorithm development. Participants with a background in quantum computing, machine learning, healthcare analytics, or related technical fields will find this workshop particularly beneficial.




Workshop Abstract

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