Refund and Cancellation policy

Welcome to the Quantum Innovation Summit’s Refund and Cancellation Policy. We are committed to providing you with clear guidelines regarding ticket purchases and the event’s status. Please carefully read and understand this policy before making any purchases.

Event Rescheduling and Cancellation:

In the event that the Quantum Innovation Summit needs to be rescheduled, modified, or canceled due to unforeseen circumstances beyond our control, including but not limited to force majeure events, we shall provide timely communication to all registered participants. Force majeure events encompass a wide range of unforeseen incidents including, but not limited to acts of nature (e.g., earthquakes, floods, fires), government actions, pandemics, epidemic, terrorist activities, strikes, and other events that may impact the feasibility of conducting the event. Under such circumstances, refunds for ticket purchases will not be granted.

Cancellation by Participants:

In case a registered participant is unable to attend the Quantum Innovation Summit for any reason, including personal circumstances, schedule conflicts, or any other cause, no refunds or reimbursements will be provided for the ticket price.

Personal Expenses:

Please note that any personal expenses incurred by participants, such as travel, accommodation, or related arrangements, are entirely at the participant’s own expenses. These expenses will not be eligible for refunds or reimbursements, even in the event of the summit’s rescheduling, modification, or cancellation.


We strongly recommend that participants carefully evaluate their ability to attend the Quantum Innovation Summit before making any ticket purchases. Please consider the possibility of unforeseen circumstances and personal commitments that might prevent attendance.

By purchasing a ticket for the Quantum Innovation Summit, you acknowledge and agree to the terms and conditions outlined in this Refund and Cancellation Policy. The policy is designed to safeguard the best interests of both participants and organizers while maintaining the integrity and quality of the event.

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