Unveiling the Quantum Leap
in Financial Modeling



Shadab Hussain

Category: Quantum Computing

Facilitator: Shadab Hussain

Duration: 120 min

Session date: 28-02-2024 

Session time: 10:30 AM

Language: English 

Target Audience: Quantitative Analysts, Portfolio Managers, Risk Management Professionals, Academics and Researchers, Data Scientists, C-Suite Level who are interested in exploring the feasibility and potential applications of quantum computing in finance.

Prerequisite Knowledge: Fundamental understanding of quantum computing principles, Solid grasp of foundational financial modeling concepts and experience with quantitative methods, Working knowledge of the Python language for quantum computing, such as Qiskit, Pennylane, and Cirq, and data science, such as pandas and numpy, Comfortable with machine learning concepts and algorithms.



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